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Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricSong
Don't pretend that you know me,I Don't Know Myself
He lived in the sand at theHappy Jack
Drinks flow,Eminence Front
No one had the guts to I'm Free
Is it just a trick of the light? Or is herTrick of the Light
II'm singing this note cause it fits in well with theGettin' in Tune
Did you steal myDid You Steal My Money?
He stands like a statue, becomesPinball Wizard
People try to put us down, just becauseMy Generation
Put on my lead boots andMy Wife
Beginning of LyricEnd of LyricSong
My love is vengeance, thatsBehind Blue Eyes
Sally got married to a rock musician she met inSally Simpson
When I think back to the first time my childhood, when I saw thatReal Good Lookin' Boy
When I walked in through the door, thought it was me I wasThe Song is Over
Put out the fire, andBaba O'Riley
I woke up in a Soho doorway, a policemanWho Are You
When you sing through the verse, and you end in aGuitar and Pen
Dizzy in the head and I'm feelinCan't Explain
I tip my hat to the newWon't Get Fooled Again
How can men who've never seen light beChristmas

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