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Can you name the next Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyric?

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Antoine the _______ from the pretty fish pond.Out In L.A.
Who cares what the good _______ says?Catholic School Girls Rule
My love began from ________.Love Trilogy
My last time on earth I lived a whole world of _______.Higher Ground
I can't tell if I'm a king pin or a ________.Give It Away
Songbird sweet and __________ Jane.Aeroplane
Scar tissue that I wish you saw, ____________ Mr. know it all.Scar Tissue
Standing in line to see the show tonight and there's a __________ on.By The Way
Come on God do I seem ________?Fortune Faded
Waking up dead inside of my ________.Slow Cheetah
Be my wife, I think you're right that we should ___________.Factory of Faith

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