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Can you name the Consorts of the United Kingdom?

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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
William Ic. 1031-1083, Queen 1066-1083
Henry Ic. 1080-1118, Queen 1100-1118, born as Edith
Henry Ic. 1103-1151, Queen 1121-1135
Matilda1113-1151, Prince Consort 1141-1141
Stephenc. 1105-1152, Queen 1135-1152
Henry IIc. 1122-1204, Queen 1154-1189
Henry the Young King1157-1197, Queen 1170-1183
Richard IBetween 1165 and 1170-1230, Queen 1191-1199
Johnc. 1187-1246, Queen 1200-1216
Henry IIIc. 1223-1291, Queen 1236-1272
Edward I1241-1290, Queen 1272-1290
Edward I1282-1317, Queen 1299-1307
Edward IIBetween 1288 and 1296-1358, Queen 1308-1327
Edward III1314-1369, Queen 1330-1369
Richard II1366-1394, Queen 1382-1394
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Richard II1387-1409, Queen 1369-1399
Henry IVc.1370-1437, Queen 1403-1413
Henry V1401-1437, Queen 1420-1422
Henry VI1430-1482, Queen 1445-1471
Edward IVc.1437-1492, Queen 1464-1483
Richard III1456-1485, Queen 1483-1485
Henry VII1466-1503, Queen 1486-1503
Henry VIII1485-1536, Queen 1509-1533
Henry VIIIBetween 1501 and 1507-1536, Queen 1509-1536
Henry VIIIBetween 1507 and 1590-1537, Queen 1536-1537
Henry VIII1515-1557, Queen 1540-1540
Henry VIIIBetween 1520 and 1525, Queen 1540-1541
Henry VIII1512-1548, Queen 1543-1547
Janec.1535-1554, Prince Consort 1553-1553
Mary I1527-1598, Prince Consort 1556-1558
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
James I1574-1619, Queen 1603-1619
Charles I1609-1669, Queen 1625-1649
Charles II1638-1705, Queen 1662-1685
James II1658-1718, Queen 1685-1688
Anne1653-1708, Prince Consort 1702-1708
George II1683-1737, Queen 1727-1737
George III1744-1818, Queen 1761-1818
George IV1768-1821, Queen 1820-1821
William IV1792-1849, Queen 1830-1837
Victoria1819-1861, Prince Consort 1840-1861
Edward VIII1844-1925, Queen 1901-1910
George V1867-1953, Queen 1910-1936
George VI1900-2002, Queen 1936-1952
Elizabeth II1921, Prince Consort 1952-Present

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