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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Gustav I1513-1535, Queen 1531-1535
Gustav I1516-1551, Queen 1536-1551
Gustav I1535-1621, Queen 1552-1560
Eric XIV1550-1612, Queen 1568-1568
John III1526-1583, Queen 1568-1583
John III1568-1597, Queen 1585-1592
Sigismund III Vasa1573-1598, Queen 1592-1598
Charles IX1573-1625, Queen 1604-1611
Gustavus Adolphus1599-1655, Queen 1620-1632
Charles X1636-1715, Queen 1654-1660
Charles XI1656-1693, Queen 1680-1683
Ulrika Eleonora1767-1751, Queen 1718-1720
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Frederick I1688-1741, Queen 1720-1741
Adolf Frederick1720-1782, Queen 1751-1771
Gustav III1746-1813, Queen 1771-1792
Gustaf IV Adolf1781-1826, Queen 1797-1809
Charles XIII1759-1818, Queen 1809-1818
Charles XIV John1777-1860, Queen 1818-1844
Oscar I1807-1876, Queen 1844-1859
Charles XV1828-1871, Queen 1858-1871
Oscar II1836-1913, Queen 1872-1907
Gustaf V1862-1930, Queen 1907-1930
Gustaf VI Adolf1889-1965, Queen 1950-1965
Carl XVI Gustaf1943, Queen 1976-Present

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