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Can you name the Consorts of Spain?

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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Charles I1503-1539, Queen 1526-1539
Philip II1516-1558, Queen 1556-1558
Philip II1545-1568, Queen 1559-1568
Philip II1549-1580, Queen 1570-1580
Philip III1584-1611, Queen 1599-1611
Philip IV1602-1644, Queen 1621-1644
Philip IV1634-1696, Queen 1649-1665
Charles II1662-1689, Queen 1679-1689
Charles II1667-1740, Queen 1690-1700
Philip V1688-1714, Queen 1701-1714
Philip V1692-1766, Queen 1714-1724,1724-1746
Louis I1709-1742, Queen 1724-1724
Ferdinand VI1711-1758, Queen 1746-1758
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Charles III1724-1760, Queen 1759-1760
Charles IV1751-1819, Queen 1788-1808
Joseph1771-1845, Queen 1808-1813
Ferdinand VII1797-1818, Queen 1816-1818
Ferdinand VII1803-1829, Queen 1819-1829
Ferdinand VII1806-1878, Queen 1829-1833
Isabella II1822-1902, Queen 1846-1868
Amadeo1847-1876, Queen 1870-1873
Alfonso XII1860-1878, Queen 1878-1878
Alfonso XII1858-1929, Queen 1879-1885
Alfonso XIII1887-1969, Queen 1906-1931
Juan Carlos I1938, Queen 1975-2014
Felipe VI1927, Queen 2014-Present

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