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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Michael I1601-1625, Tsarina 1624-1625
Michael I1608-1645, Tsarina 1626-1645
Alexei I1625-1669, Tsarina 1648-1669
Alexei I1651-1694, Tsarina 1671-1676
Fyodor III1663-1681, Tsarina 1680-1681
Fyodor III1664-1716, Tsarina 1682-1716
Ivan V1664-1723, Tsarina 1684-1696
Peter I1669-1731, Tsarina 1689-1698
Peter I1684-1727, Empress 1712-1725, known as Marfa Samuilovna Skavronskaya, co-ruled with her husband
Peter III1729-1796, Empress 1762-1762, known as Catherine Alekseyevna, became Empress regnant upon husband's death
Paul I1759-1828, Empress 1796-1801, known as Maria Feodorovna
Alexander I1779-1826, Empress 1801-1825, known as Elizabeth Alexeievna
Nicholas I1798-1860, Empress 1825-1855, known as Alexandra Feodorovna
Alexander II1824-1880, Empress 1855-1880, known as Maria Alexandrovna
Alexander III1847-1928, Empress 1881-1894, known as Maria Feodorovna
Nicholas II18712-1918, Empress 1896-1917, known as Alexandra Feodorovna

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