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QUIZ: Can you name the Consorts of Portugal?

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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
John I1359-1415, Queen 1387-1415
Duarte I1402-1445, Queen 1433-1438
Afonso V1432-1455, Queen 1447-1445
Afonso V1462-1530, Queen 1475-1479
John II1458-1525, Queen 1481-1495
Manuel I1470-1498, Queen 1497-1498
Manuel I1482-1517, Queen 1500-1517
Manuel I1498-1558, Queen 1518-1521
John III1507-1578, Queen 1525-1557
Philip II1584-1611, Queen 1599-1611
Philip III1602-1644, Queen 1621-1640
John IV1613-1666, Queen 1640-1656
Afonso VI1646-1683, Queen 1666-1668, 1683-1683
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Pedro II1646-1683, Queen 1666-1668, 1683-1683
Pedro II1666-1699, Queen 1687-1699
John V1683-1754. Queen 1708-1750
Joseph I1718-1781, Queen 1750-1777
John VI1775-1830, Queen 1816-1826
Peter IV1797-1826, Queen 1826-1826
Maria II1810-1835, Prince Consort 1835-1835
Maria II1816-1885, Prince Consort 1836-1837
Peter V1837-1859, Queen 1858-1859
Louis I1847-1911, Queen 1862-1889
Charles I1865-1951, Queen 1889-1908
Manuel II1890-1966, Queen only in exile

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