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QUIZ: Can you name the Consorts of Liechtenstein?

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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Karl I1575-1625, Princess 1608-1625
Karl Eusebius1625-1676, Princess 1644-1676
Hans-Adam I1662-1737, Princess 1684-1712
Anton Florian1661-1723, Princess 1718-1721
Joseph Johann Adam1693-1729, Princess 1721-1729
Joseph Johann Adam1707-1788, Princess 1729-1732
Joseph Wenzel I1699-1753 Princess 1732-1745, 1748-1753
Johann Nepomuk Karl1727-1788, Princess 1745-1748
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Franz Joseph I1733-1809, Princess 1772-1781
Aloys I1768-1831, Princess 1738-1831
Johann I Joseph1776-1848, Princess 1805-1836
Aloys II1813-1881, Princess 1836-1858
Franz I1875-1947, Princess 1929-1938
Franz Joseph II1921-1989, Princess 1943-1989
Hans-Adam II1940, Princess 1989-Present

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