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MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Hughc. 945-1004, Queen 987-996
Robert IIc. 937-1003, Queen 996-996
Robert IIc. 952-1035, Queen 996-1000
Robert II986-1034, Queen 1003-1031
Henry Ic.1024-1044, Queen 1034-1044
Henry Ic. 1024-1060, 1051-1075
Philip Ic. 1055-1094, Queen 1072-1092
Philip Ic. 1070-117, Queen 1092-1108
Louis VI1092-1154, Queen 1115-1137
Louis VII1122-1204, Queen 1137-1152
Louis VII1141-1160, Queen 1154-1160
Louis VIIc. 1140-1206, Queen 1164-1180
Philip II1170-1190, Queen 1180-1180
Philip II1175-1236, Queen 1193-1193, 1200-1223
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Philip IIc. 1175-1201, Queen 1196-1200
Louis VIII1188-1252, Queen 1223-1226
Louis IXc. 1221-1295, 1234-1270
Philip III1247-1271, Queen 1262-1271
Philip III1253-1321, Queen 1274-1285
Philip IV1271-1305, Queen 1285-1305
Louis X1290-1315, Queen 1314-1315
Louis X1293-1328, Queen 1315-1316
Philip V1291-1330, Queen 1316-1322
Charles IVc. 1296-1326, Queen 1322-1322
Charles IV1304-1324, Queen 1322-1324
Charles IV1310-1371, Queen 1325-1328
Philip VI1293-1348, Queen 1328-1348
Philip VI1330-1398, Queen 134901350
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
John II1326-1360, Queen 1350-1360
Charles V1338-1378 Queen 1364-1378
Charles VIc. 1370-1435, Queen 1385-1422
Charles VII1404-1463, Queen 1422-1461
Louis XI1443-1483, Queen 1461-1483
Charles VII1477-1514, Queen 1491-1498
Louis XII1464-1505, Queen 1476-1498
Louis XII1477-1514, Queen 1499-1514
Louis XII1496-1533, Queen 1514-1515
Francis I1499-1524, Queen 1515-1524
Francis I1498-1558, Queen 1530-1547
Henry II1519-1589, Queen 1547-1559
Francis II1542-1587, Queen 1559-1560
Charles IX1554-1592, Queen 1570-1574
MonarchConsortLife Dates/Tenue
Henry III1553-1601, Queen 1575-1589
Henry IV1553-1615, Queen 1589-1599
Henry IV1573-1642, Queen 1600-1610
Louis XIII1601-1666, Queen 1615-1643
Louis XIV1638-1683, Queen 1660-1683
Louis XV1703-1768, Queen 1725-1768
Louis XVI1755-1793, Queen 1774-1792, known as Marie Antoinette
Louis XVIII1753-1810, Queen 1795-1810
Napoleon I1763-1814, Queen 1804-1810
Napoleon I1791-1841, Queen 1810-1814
Louis XIX1778-1851, Queen 1830-1830, was queen for 20 minutes
Louis-Philippe1782-1866, Queen 1830-1848
Napoleon III1826-1920, Queen 1853-1870

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