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In the 1942 Best Picture winner, 'Casablanca', which character cannot return to America?Drama
Robert De Niro turned down the role of John McClain in 'Die Hard' in order to film what movie that opened the same weekend?Action/Adventure
How many different colors were required to create Jiminy Cricket in 'Pinocchio'?Musicals/Animation
What film first used a 'fart joke'?Comedies
What is the name of the shark in 'Jaws'?Action/Adventure
What is the real first name of the smooth-talking con man Sky Masterson in the 1955 film, 'Guys and Dolls'?Musicals/Animation
What UK Band offered the blue lasers that are seen in the egg room of 'Alien'?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Only Disney film was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar during Walt Disney's lifetime. Name that film. Musicals/Animation
Robert De Niro worked roughly 450 hours working in preparation for his role in what 1976 Scorsese film?Drama
'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes started his career with a Best Picture Oscar Win for what movie?Drama
90% of this 1999 animated sequel was accidentally deleted and was only recovered by a Technical Director who had worked from home during that week?Musicals/Animation
Out of the 96 minute total run time in the film '12 Angry Men', how many minutes are spent inside the jury room?Drama
What is the surtitle of 'Star Trek IV'?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
What actor played the titular character in 'Dr. Strangelove or:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb'?Comedies
Will Smith turned down the lead role in what 1999 film stating that he 'wasn't mature enough of an actor'?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Who financed the entire 1940's film 'The Great Dictator'?Comedies
In 2010, Michael J. Fox, stated that he still gets recognized for what role?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
What 2001 film anime art style film to win an Academy AwardMusicals/Animation
Also the star of the television series, 'Chuck', which actor lent his voice to the character of Flynn Rider in the movie, 'Tangled'?Musicals/Animation
What drama was the first sequel to win Best Picture?Drama
Which comedy marked Emma Stone's film debut?Comedies
Who directed 'Mission: Impossible II'Action/Adventure
After the release of 'Hot Fuzz', how many years did it take for the next Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg collaboration, 'The World's End'?Comedies
What device terrorizes the protagonists in 'Office Space'?Comedies
One sequel has been nominated for an Academy Award when the original was not nominated. Name that movie.Action/Adventure
This 1997 film was voted the most scientifically accurate by scientists at NASASci-Fi/Fantasy
What film is #1 on Entertainment Weekly's 'Cult Comedies'?Comedies
This film had an abrupt ending because the creators couldn't afford to film a battle sequence. Name that filmComedies
Which writer/director rewrote most of the 1992 movie 'Speed' while remianing uncredited?Action/Adventure
What was the original title of the 2012 Pixar film, 'Brave'?Musicals/Animation
What is the name of the red jumpsuit wearing, flamethrowing, guitarist in the film 'Mad Max: Fury Road'?Action/Adventure
Larry King's film debut came in what 1984 film?Comedies
What actor was cast in 'Blade Runner' without meeting the director and, as a prank, arrived to the set wearing pink satin pants and a sweater with a fox on the front?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
What production company made the film 'Citizen Kane'?Drama
Iron Man was the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Name the second.Action/Adventure
Despite being marketed as a violent action film, only one person dies in this 2008 drama film. Name that film.Drama
Leonard Nimoy directed '3 Men and a Baby' and turned down the chance to direct what action franchise?Action/Adventure
In 2004, what movie set the record for the highest grossing comedy of all-time?Comedies
What musical was created during the 2007 Writer's Strike and earned Joss Whedon his first Emmy win?Musicals/Animation
This movie, released in 2000, marked the first of over a decade of radical body transformations for actor Christian BaleDrama
This 1939 animated film's final budget was over $1.4 Million. Name that FilmMusicals/Animation
What actress wears a wig throughout her performance in the 2001 remake of 'Moulin Rouge!'?Musicals/Animation
What 1982 film was originally titled, 'A Boy's Life'?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
What director was rumored to have helped create a fake moon landing using unused footage from one of their other productions?Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Two different actors have portrayed James Bond in seven movies. Name either actorAction/Adventure
This 1927 Sci-Fi film was so well received that Adolf Hitler told the director, Fritz Lang, that he could be an honorary Aryan despite his Jewish background.Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Stephen Spielberg cast this actor in 'Schindler's List' because of his 'evil sexuality'Drama
What year was 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' released?Action/Adventure
'Did you know there are more people with genius IQs living in China than there are people of any kind living in the United States?', is the first line of what 2010 film?Drama
A Dachsund was used to make the growling sounds of what beast in 'Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi'?Sci-Fi/Fantasy

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