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QuoteAnswerSpeaker, Episode
'That girl will rain destruction down on your ship. She is an _______, captain.'A - The Operative, Serenity (Film)
'Also, I can kill you with my ___________.'B - River, Trash
'The hero of ________, the man they call Jayne!'C - Mudders, Jaynestown
Mal: 'Appears we got here just in the nick of time! What does that make us?' 'Big ____ heroes, sir.'D- Zoe, Safe
'I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, I will ____ you.'E - Mal, Our Mrs. Reynolds
'We're still _______.'F - Mal, Serenity (TV - Part 2)
'I'm not a ________.'G - Book, Serenity (TV - Part 1)
'Oh, I'm going to the special _______.'H - Mal, Our Mrs. Reynolds
'Curse your sudden but ________ betrayal!'I - Wash, Serenity (TV - Part 1)
Zoe: 'Wasn't planning on the dirt-kissing, sir.' 'I wouldn't stand for it anyway, Captain, ______ man like me.'J - Wash, Shindig
'Guy _____ me, Mal. He _____ me with a sword. How weird is that?'K - Mr. Universe (through Lenore), Serenity (Film)
'Terse? I can be terse. Once in flight school I was _______.'L - Wash, War Stories
'Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a ____________.'M - Mal, Our Mrs. Reynolds
'Goin' on a year now I ain't had nothin' twixt my ______ weren't run on batteries!'N - Kaylee, Serenity (Film)
'Look, you got a little stabbed the other day. That's bound to make anyone a mite ______.'O - Mal, Ariel
'Yessir, Captain Tight ______.'P - Kaylee, Shindig
Zoe: 'Planet's coming up a mite fast.' 'That's just 'cause I'm going down too ______. Likely crash and kill us all.'Q - Wash, Shindig
'You have ___________! Malcolm Reynolds gets it done, is the talk.'R - Niska, Train Job
'My sister's a _____. We had a complicated childhood.'S - Simon, Objects in Space
'No one likes the idea of hearing what you're ______.'T - Inara, Objects in Space
'Were I ______I would take you in a manly fashion'U - Wash, Heart of Gold
Mal: 'She has a name.' 'So does this! I call it _____.'V - Jayne - Our Mrs. Reynolds
'Have you ever been with a _______ woman?'W - Wash, Bushwhacked
Kaylee: ''Cause I'm pretty?' ''Cause _____ pretty.'Y - Wash, Heart of Gold
'No matter how ugly it gets, you two always come back with the stories. So.... I'm _____. What do I do?'Z - Wash, War Stories

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