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ClueSong TitleYear
Sung by a man with remorseful leg-ends1984
Describes a firm where workers have to get up at eight1967
Recommends an osculatory judgement1991
Laments the death of a local shopkeeper1967
Sung by a girl made pregnant by a boy she met in Alabama 1971
Tells the story of a boxer convicted of robbery and murder1975
Sung by a man whose music career has come to grief in Central Valley, California 1969
Offers the listener the opportunity to stay dry2007
Celebrates the end of the scholastic year1972
Describes an ill-fated space voyage1969
ClueSong TitleYear
Celebrates surviving a long pop career1983
Describes a courtroom murder (album track)1969
Laments a romance that ended over two weeks ago1990
Describes how a deceased soldier saved the singer's life in Vietnam1986
Takes a boat trip in northwest England 1964
Invites one of your children to a massacre1991
Asks an Italian clown whether he can do a Spanish dance1975
Contradicts a John Osborne play1996
Is narrated by an unhappy newsboy1972
Looks good but lacks content1977

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