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Best Movie of 1998
Best Movie of 1999
Best Movie of 2000
Best Movie of 2001
Best Movie of 2002
Best Movie of 2003
Best Movie of 2004
Best Movie of 2005
Best Movie of 2006
Best Movie of 2007
Best Movie of 2008
Longest-running 3DMM series of all time
Boy in hospital thinks back on his 11-year-old memories
Private detective looks for a female murder who kills at random
Medieval comedy uses only hand-made characters, no actors
Collaboration between Redwampa and Adrian Pikios
JOE has to go on a TRAIN and stop a BOMBER
Elaborate act of vengeance is carried out over a childhood wrongdoing
Hunters start a war against squirrels
'I uh... I sit in the corner...'
The Killah goes on a magical quest
Classic joke movie about a boy who wants to be a writer in communist Cuba
Unfinished comedy following September 11th
Series by Jeff Ching commemorating 3D Movies for each year, set to music
'IT' didn't come complete
Comedy skit series by Dean Francis
Rare drama by Tuna Hematoma and Qaz
Cute blood cells defend the body against invaders
Jackie Chan battles criminals in a really advanced movie for 2000
Don't be fooled, you can't get this horror movie on DVD
Tony Teulan's infamous World War 2 epic
Series involving time travel, the wild west, and Steven Seagal
Black and white movie about a robot vs. a monster
3DMM's version of Big Brother by Sammy Sagittarius
'Confusing' full-length sequel to a heist comedy
The only mystery to this 'whodunnit' is why its director released it
1998 movie whose protagonists want to get a van full of narcotics to Mexico
The longest known 3DMM movie, few but Jeff Ching had the patience for it
Skit movie where the characters rise up against their creator
Full-length collaboration based on a well-known anime
A day in the life of a piece of bread, done in cartoon style
The main character has gunfights south of the US border
Arguably the most infamous 3DMM porno
Have you seen THIS BOX, full of money?
Will Maltby's other 'action' series
Mike and Justin explore the game world
Sims Odom's very own adventure
2000 gangster shootout in a living room
1997 - 'Wait a minute, you can make guns and blood in this program!?'
Taco, Denny, and Ferret compete for 3DMM TRIVIA CHAMPION
What should I watch if I want to have a balst?

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