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Can you name the the answers to the following It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia questions?

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What is Charlie's (the character) last name?Easy
What does Frank always carry on him?Easy
What was Dee's nickname in high school?Easy
What job did Rickety Cricket used to have?Easy
Which character gets married to a man? (name one)Easy
What is Sweet Dee's full name?Easy
Who does Mac idolize?Easy
Name one drug the gang has triedEasy
Who is the 'hot' person of the group?Easy
What is the last name of Liam and Ryan?Easy
What is the name of Charlie's product? (need correct spelling)Easy
What position is Charlie in the gang?Easy
Who does Mac and Dennis try to hunt?Easy
What is the name of the coat that Mac and Dennis love to wear?Easy
Who is Nightman's enemy/fighter?Easy
Who is Charlie in love with?Easy
Who does Mac bang, of which he is ashamed of?Easy
What is Mac's mom called?Easy
Who is Green Man?Easy
What's the initials of this show?Easy
What is the Waitress's name?Easy
Who is Charlie gay for?Easy
Who is Dennis and Dee's annoying cousin?Easy
Who salts Dennis and Dee's cousin?Easy
Who saves the bar from Ryan, Liam, and Margaret?Easy
What is Frank's idea for a band name?Medium
What is the name of Charlie's play?Medium
Who is Charlie's inspiration for Nightman?Medium
What did Frank set up in Vietnam in 1993?Medium
What did McPoyles use to rob the bar?Medium
What does the I in the D.E.N.N.I.S. system stand for?Medium
What name does Charlie's horse have?Medium
What is Mac's gameplan for the boys basketball game?Medium
Who is Dennis and Dee's father? (full name)Medium
What has Charlie never done?Medium
What was Dee's fake name during football tryouts?Medium
What's the name of Dee's rapper boyfriend?Medium
What job does Dennis run for in 'The Gang Runs for Office'?Medium
What is the name of Mac's tapes?Medium
Which movie does the gang think is the best of all time?Medium
Who does Charlie think doesn't exist in the mail room?Medium
Whats the name of Charlie's hallucination in 'Sweet Dee Gets a Heart Attack'?Medium
What was left to Dee in her mom's will?Medium
What movie character does Frank often confuse his life with?Medium
What does Charlie want to smash 'his' kids' face into?Medium
What does Mac reply to the black student at the university?Medium
What is Mac's system?Medium
What does Mac want to watch with Dennis for the umpteenth time?Medium
What is Charlie's favorite food?Medium
Who takes off their shirt last at the bank in 'The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis'? Medium
Who is the most underrated actor of all time?Hard
What do Charlie and Dee have the taste for?Hard
What does Dennis not eat of apples?Hard
What game does Frank and Charlie like to play together?Hard
Who plays Murdoch in the gangs' Lethal Weapon movie? (name all)Hard
Who does Charlie talk like in 'The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis'?Hard
Who ****ed Charlie's mom often around the holidays?Hard
Who is known for the ability to replicate any persons' stool?Hard
Who does Charlie act like to stop the corruption in the police force?Hard
What does Mac describe his tattoos as?Hard
What do cats not abide of?Hard
What was the name of Dennis's kinky roommate?Hard
What's Rickety Cricket's full name?Hard
What was Frank's boxing nickname?Hard
Mac and Charlie want to prove what to Mac's dad?Hard
What is Charlie's favorite hobby?Hard
Who wins the dance contest?Hard
What's Dee and Frank's new business idea?Hard
What does Dee look like when coaching the basketball game, according to Mac?Hard
Where is Mac's father after prison?Hard
Who has an implication of chicks getting on a boat?Hard
Who is the gangs old childhood friend?Hard
What drug did Dee and Charlie take in 'Hundred Dollar Baby'?Hard
Where does Charlie live after he gets fired in 'The Great Recession'?Hard
What is Dee's gay actor friends' name?Hard

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