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The 27 Dragon Shouts
The 19 Main Quests
The 18 Skill Trees
The 16 Daedric Princes
The 16 Daedric Artifacts
The 15 General Types Of Heavy Armour
The 14 General Types Of Light Armour
The 14 Dragon Priests
The 11 Vampire Perks
The 10 Playable Races
The 10 Settlements
The 9 Holds
The 9 Divines
The 8 Werewolf Perks
The 6 Joinable Factions
The 5 Werewolves In The Companions
The 5 Main Games Set Before Skyrim
The 3 Words Of Unrelenting Force
The 3 DLC Titles
The 3 Main Antagonists
The 2 Parties In The Civil War
The 1 Continent The Game Is Set On

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