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QUIZ: How much can you recall from the Dark Souls finale?

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This item sends you back to your last bonfire, at the cost of all souls currently held.
This starting class begins with the highest vigor and strength of all the classes.
This item must be obtained to enter Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.
A subordinate of Pontiff Sulyvahn with a fairly 'graceful' move set.
This status effect can kill without dealing any immediate physical damage.
Iudex Gundyr can be battled for a second time as Champion Gundyr in this area.
This ring prevents fall damage for any fall within a survivable range.
This item has no known use and is of little value in the game.
The Coiled Sword is received upon the death of this boss.
This consumable item can be used to transform yourself into an object in your surroundings.
This NPC is the main source of dark pyromancies, sorceries, and miracles.
This is the only NPC that is present in the Untended Graves.
This enemy has the ability to temporarily lower the total health of the player.
The name of the director of the Dark Souls series.
This Greatbow-wielding enemy can be found in numbers just outside of Anor Londo.
A few cauldrons in the game provide this healing consumable.
A former king of Lothric, his obsession with a particular species led him to make himself into one.
Havel Knight can be found in this area.
The heaviest weapon available in the game.
When used, this soul item gives a measly 50 souls.
When killed, this NPC drops their straight sword.
The Sword Master outside of Firelink Shrine drops this weapon upon death.
Archdragon Peak can only be reached through the use of this gesture.
This NPC is deceivingly first met in the apparel of Siegward of Catarina.
This spell distracts enemies with a distant sound.

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