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TypeCharacterExtra info
Main CharacterThe True Main Character/ Wants to be the next Sherlock Holmes
Main CharacterThe Shrunken down form of character #1
Main/Side CharacterThe 'Girlfriend' or best friend of character # 1
Main/Side CharacterThe 'bumbling' idiot as described by Jimmy Kudo
Main CharacterHead of the Tokyo police department and Richard's former partner
Main CharacterJimmy's neighbor and friend. Makes inventions for him
Minor CharacterRachel's mother and Richard's ex wife
Side CharacterMember of the black organization often thought about by Jimmy
Side CharacterMember of the Black Organization/ partners with gin
Minor CharacterJimmy's father/Mystery writer
Minor CharacterJimmy's mother/ Actress
Minor CharacterThe original Kaito kid
Side CharacterThe fattest member of the group, secretly in love with Amy
TypeCharacterExtra info
Side CharacterThe self proclaimed smart guy of the group also in love with amy
Side CharacterThe inspirator of the group who loves Conan
Minor CharacterRachel's best friend who insults Jimmy constantly
Minor CharacterJimmy's former 'rival' now works side by side with him
Minor CharacterHe is a master theif who looks amazingly similar to Jimmy. Also known as Kaito Kuroba from the magic kaito series
Minor CharacterRichard's crush/ A pop star
Minor Character/Main CharacterFormer member of the BO, created the poison that shrunk Jimmy and used it on herself trying kill herself
Minor CharacterAn investigator whom Conan has run into on several occassions
Minor CharacterHarley's father, commisioner of the Osaka police department
Minor CharacterThe investigator trying to catch the phantom theif kid. Has appeared in the magic kaito series too
Minor Character/Side CharacterFirst appeared in the Case Closed movies, later becomes part of the anime. A cop along meguire
Minor characterKaito Kuroba's 'girlfriend' looks similar to Rachel

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