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Can you name the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Trivia?

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What is the main character's code name?
What is his real name?
Who is his love interest/pilot?
His droid companion?
Former Enemy/Jedi Mentor?
What is his father's name?
What planet does he confront Kazdan Paratus?
What has Paratus created a replica on that planet?
What color is Maris Brood's 'mini-sabers'
Where does the main character find his jedi mentor?
What is the name of the medical ship Vader uses to heal the protagonist?
Who orders Vader to kill him on the Executor?
Which Jedi is encountered on Felucia?
What beast does the Jedi use during the battle?
What is the name of his personal starship
Where did he grow up before Vader
Which original trilogy character does he rescue on that planet?
What is the name of the device used to ferry wookiee slaves?
What is Maris Brood's pet?
What object does the main character rip out of the sky with the force?
What planet does a treaty begin to be founded until Vader sieges the meeting?
Which character from Ep. VI is at the meeting?
What color does his lightsaber changed to after the vision of his father?
How does he die?
What does the character's family crest become the emblem for?

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