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How is Starkiller resurrected?
What does the 'new' character suffer from?
Which planet is he imprisoned/training on?
Who does he seek to find after his escape?
What planet does he travel to in Vader's fighter?
What is the name of the gunship that attack on that planet?
Name of the creature in the arena?
How does he save his mentor?
What catches the two as they fall?
What planet does he drop off the mentor
Where does he seek guidance from?
Who does he mistake as a local?
Where does he have an apparition of the future?
Who does Vader hire to capture the girl?
What are the names of his troops?
Name of the ship he docks on when rejoining with the alliance?
Name of the city on the waterworld that the Rebel's attack?
What does he witness when he arrives?
When reaching the spire what does he have visions of?
'Where is she?!' - who said it
How does he defeat Vader
Who kills him in the dark side ending?
Who does Proxy transmit a message from?
Which ship follows his at the light side end?
'As long as she lives, I will always control you?' - who said it
Which arm is Proxy missing?

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