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Forced Order
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QuoteWho said it?
Oh, my God, that was absolute hell! I just... I don't understand why... I mean, we're in a galaxy far, far away, and we still have to change in Atlanta.
I know that laugh. It's the 7Up guy.
Just so you know, the compartment I keep your lightsaber is in my rectum.
Yeah, it's either Darth Vader or Paul Reiser, but they don't want to know which one is your real father, so, they're gonna raise you together.
Wait a minute, does he have the right to give us away? He just stole us from his dead uncle.
Look at that! Blowing up rebel ships! Bet that gets you going. You hate me now? Come on. Take that lightsaber and try to strike me down, and your journey to the dark side will be c
I hate that stupid fish man.
Hey, just for giggles, you wanna poop in Yoda's tiny toilet, pretend he took a giant poop?
Shut up! There's enough cutesy crap in this movie. I think we all need this. Now get outside!
Wait a second, guys. I got an idea. Remember that laser I used to break Leia out of Jabba's handcuffs? Well, here comes a little tiny saw!
QuoteWho said it?
The mighty Jabba has decreed that you are to be thrown in the Sarlacc pit. There, you will discover a new meaning of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over 1,000 years
Oh, yeah? You and what lightning hands?
Join us, Luke. Come to the backside of the force!
No sweat. I'm bringing a box of All-Bran. I'll be sprayed all over the desert in a week. Right? Big lips on a stick knows what I'm talking about.
You're not getting to me, man. You're talking about an actor who I happen to enjoy.
I say when we're done with this, we go over there and fry him up in a skillet.
You do now. Pick you up at 7:00. And save Yub Nub for me. Come to think of it, you can shave your yub nub for me, too! I'll see you at 7:00.
Kid's tongue stuck to a ass.
Bang, bang, boom, boom? Damn, that thing's operational!
Hey, bitches! I just killed like 50 Stormtroopers!

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