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Forced Order
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'Thank you. This was my brother's. He died of leukemia. How do you feel now?'
'Well, stay here and rot, you stuck-up b*tch!'
'My God! You shoot small animals for fun? That's the first indicator of a serial killer, you freak!'
' Great kid! Don't get penis-y!'
'YEAH! That's how we do it in MY neighborhood, b*tch! '
'Um, actually that's me. I made a Darth Doody. I sithed my pants. My diaper's gone over to the darkside. I got pages of these, I could go on. '
Tell Uncle Owen not to tell you that your father is Darth Vader.
Looks like we've got Imperial cruisers on our tail. Oh, look at that one on the left. Get off your cell phone. You are driving.
Did he say 'strap in' or 'strap on'?
Yeah, but you hardly did anything. You just started listing lazily to the left. I'm pretty sure they can keep up.
QuoteWho said it?
Princess Leia, we've chosen to test our Death Star planet blower-upper gun on your home planet of Alderaan.
Aren't you a little fat to be a stormtrooper?
You still got that bag I gave you?
Great idea, Princess! Diving into a pile of garbage! Hey, maybe when we get out of here, you can show us around your home planet of Alderaan. Ohhhhhhhhh, too soon?
Hey, thanks for the sex, early 90's printer.
Governor Tarkin. I recognized your foul stench as soon as I was brought onboard.
Over my burnt carcass.
Oh, you mean the thing you just found out about three hours ago and are now judging *me* for not believing in?
One lucky son of a b*tch.
This is a story of love and loss, fathers and sons, and the foresight to retain international merchandising rights. This is the story of Star Wars. Let's begin with part four.

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