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Can you name the Characters from the Artemis Fowl series?

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Leader of the deamons on the planet Hybras
Bodyguard who had all his teeth blow out by a grenade
The bodyguard for the main character
The sister to anwser number 3
One of the twins who helped break out the most famos pixie in Haven
One of the twins who helped break out the most famous pixie in Haven
One point commander, he lost his stripes and tried to take revenge
Fish smuggler who becomes partners with the kleptomanic dwarf at the end of the series
The kleptomanic dwarf
The technicion for the LEP
Mother to the main character
Main character of the story; only 12 at the begining of the series
Father of the main character; was missing in Russia for 2 years
'She's a bimbo. An airhead. You cant make her the test case!'
Younger brother; often threatens to tell mommy if he dosent get his way
Older Brother; was famous for choosing his name after being inducted into the LEP
Power crazed pixe who tries to take over the world on numerous occasions
Was originally named Jonah Lee but had to change his name after commiting murder
Leader of the cult named 'The Extinctionists'
Hitman hired by the Chicago Buisnessman to help get the C-Cube back
Very powerful deamon warlock who helps transport Hybras out of Limbo
Former deamon warlock who was encased in stone for 10,000 years
Commander of the LEP
General of the goblin gang, the B'wa Kell
The only LEP female recon agent
Replaces the commander after he is murderd
A Chicago buisnessman who uses the mob to get his job done
Sprite, who was the first casualty of the B'wa Kell revolution
Council chairwoman of the secret organazation, Section eight
Rich italian environmentalist who succedes in the Core Probe Project
Trained the bodyguard for the main character
Lemur, only appears in 'The Time Paradox'

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