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Can you name the cast members of Cherrywood, or do you suck?

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The first Hinkle
Dance captain
Grinds with Taquito
Teaches kids theatre by day, passes out by show's end.
Disgruntled neighbor.
Likes tequila... a lot.
'WHO ORDERED THIS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!'
TRENT: 'I saw this movie once, where this cowboy...'
The second Hinkle
New Trier grad; disappears into the bathroom in the second half of the show.
This guy really looks punk rock.
Can't dance; huge glasses
Mary Arrchie Producing Director
Riots in a SuperStore
'At least let them get through 'Toys in the Attic.''
Lead dancer and make-up specialist
Can run up walls.
The the the the the the the the
Shirtless guy
Insisted to Cromer that Barlag was his sister.
'I'll chip in a dollar.'
Digs History Channel programs on King Arthur when high.
Hurts his poor lil leg after the dance
'Aerosmith sucks!'
Did you *** in it? Did you **** in it?
'Don't move or I'll Box You!'
Unicorns and violins
'I'm gonna start wearing a sword!'
Makes out aggressively with Ryan.
'We are NOT going to have group sex!'
'We should fight the Civil War again.'
Dice's ShowCrush
Hooks up with Brother Rudy at the end.
Insists on wearing four layers into the bathroom
Universal Healthcare! (She'll need it after that leg injury)
Has a dog named Maggie
Guy in the bathroom
Man this girl wants to leave!
It's like the DaVinci Code...
Andy Blaze
Home Improvement guru by day, future DePaul grad student by... fall?
Purple wifebeater?
'The musak sucks!'
'It just feels weird...'
Got a concussion
Plays Cotovsky's son
'Hey... I'm Shawn.'
Group sex, anyone?
Assures there will be no sausage fest during any dance.

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