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Can you name the NBA players (past & present) that said the following ?

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'Because they don't have four pointers'
'I thought LeBron James was just going to be another addition to help me score'
'Winning is the best deodorant'
'I'm a big fan of the Nobel Peace Prize'
'I make love to pressure'
'I'm hunting for little Mexican girls'
'When I watch NBA games, I think to myself, 'How will I look in the game there?' I expect to do something there. I don't want to be a donkey.'
'Who wants to sex _________?'
'Both teams played hard.'
'Left hand, right hand it doesn't matter, I'm amphibious.'
“There’s always going to be criticism when your name is _________. You have to wear a bulletproof vest and be ready for it.”
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'So, which one of you guys is going to come in second?'
'I've had to overcome a lot of diversity.'
'I'm sitting in the house loading up the pump, loading up the Uzi, I've got a couple of M -16s, a couple of 9s and a couple of joints with some silencers on them.'
'Don't even put me and dude in the same breath.'
'When in doubt, shoot. That's how I look at it.'
'It feels good to be in the second round'
'I forgive him. He's my teammate, he made a mistake, and I can't retaliate, trying to fight him or beat him up, because I'm on probation, so I would get in trouble.'
Boston and Orlando never drafted me because they said I was too skinny and no European point guard will make it in the League.'
'I didn't want to be like some of these other guys to jump on another team's bandwagon just to get a ring. That's never been my style.'
'I want to put points on your face.'
But we talkin' bout practice, man. What are we talkin' bout? Practice? We talkin' bout practice man. We talk... We talkin' bout practice. We talkin' bout practice.'

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