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Can you name the NBA Top 200 Scorers (2010-2017)?

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PointsPlayerPrimary Team
13536Miami Heat
13154Oklahoma City Thunder
12865Houston Rockets
12578Oklahoma City Thunder
11689Golden State Warriors
11445New York Knicks
10794Toronto Raptors
10358Portland Trail Blazers
10308Sacramento Kings
10117Los Angeles Clippers
9511Dallas Mavericks
9419Washington Wizards
9350Miami Heat
9149Dallas Mavericks
8942Los Angeles Clippers
8880Portland Trail Blazers
8854Golden State Warriors
8852Minnesota Timberwolves
8868Atlanta Hawks
8437Boston Celtics
8322Sacramento Kings
8232Cleveland Cavaliers
8137Charlotte Hornets
8114Houston Rockets
8111Toronto Raptors
8090Indiana Pacers
8077Utah Jazz
7862Utah Jazz
7853Los Angeles Lakers
7834Brooklyn Nets
7809Los Angeles Lakers
7750Phoenix Suns
7717Brooklyn Nets
7698Memphis Grizzlies
7609Memphis Grizzlies
7589Los Angeles Clippers
7580Memphis Grizzlies
7572Detroit Pistons
7497New Orleans Pelicans
7488Portland Trail Blazers
7409San Antonio Spurs
7384Philadelphia 76ers
7357Brooklyn Nets
7317Atlanta Hawks
6914Miami Heat
6850Philadelphia 76ers
6849Chicago Bulls
6799Portland Trail Blazers
6766Oklahoma City Thunder
6656Denver Nuggets
6652Los Angeles Clippers
6604New Orleans Pelicans
6508San Antonio Spurs
6498Atlanta Hawks
6498Boston Celtics
6478Washington Wizards
6463Atlanta Hawks
6458Milwaukee Bucks
6457Golden State Warriors
6435Denver Nuggets
6342New Orleans Pelicans
6226Minnesota Timberwolves
6208Chicago Bulls
6203Sacramento Kings
6181Sacramento Kings
6175Chicago Bulls
6171Indiana Pacers
PointsPlayerPrimary Team
6161Boston Celtics
6075New York Knicks
5916Houston Rockets
5874Charlotte Hornets
5855San Antonio Spurs
5854New Orleans Pelicans
5820Houston Rockets
5807Orlando Magic
5728Washington Wizards
5662Denver Nuggets
5662Phoenix Suns
5637Indiana Pacers
5619Philadelphia 76ers
5587Los Angeles Clippers
5512Los Angeles Lakers
5480Phoenix Suns
5479Utah Jazz
5576Detroit Pistons
5440Milwaukee Bucks
5338Phoenix Suns
5305Orlando Magic
5273New Orleans Pelicans
5250Indiana Pacers
5217Charlotte Hornets
5198Atlanta Hawks
5186San Antonio Spurs
5183Chicago Bulls
5171Indiana Pacers
5120Detroit Pistons
5086Houston Rockets
5078Memphis Grizzlies
5057Dallas Mavericks
5031Utah Jazz
5017Washington Wizards
5008Boston Celtics
4995Minnesota Timberwolves
4977Golden State Warriors
4959New York Knicks
4943Houston Rockets
4919Oklahoma City Thunder
4864Portland Trail Blazers
4858Denver Nuggets
4856Charlotte Hornets
4842Houston Rockets
4835Boston Celtics
4835New York Knicks
4824Orlando Magic
4781Denver Nuggets
4763Charlotte Hornets
4752Chicago Bulls
4737Milwaukee Bucks
4693Sacramento Kings
4652Phoenix Suns
4626Milwaukee Bucks
4618Orlando Magic
4605Golden State Warriors
4592New Orleans Pelicans
4544Denver Nuggets
4543Toronto Raptors
4513Phoenix Suns
4495Dallas Mavericks
4471Houston Rockets
4438Cleveland Cavaliers
4378Cleveland Cavaliers
4343Los Angeles Clippers
4275Dallas Mavericks
4256New York Knicks
PointsPlayerPrimary Team
4228Boston Celtics
4210Phoenix Suns
4169Los Angeles Lakers
4165Chicago Bulls
4160Toronto Raptors
4147Denver Nuggets
4132Minnesota Timberwolves
4128Memphis Grizzlies
4128Portland Trail Blazers
4115San Antonio Spurs
4112Cleveland Cavaliers
4070Milwaukee Bucks
4050Golden State Warriors
4042Toronto Raptors
3999Philadelphia 76ers
3972San Antonio Spurs
3918Orlando Magic
3897Miami Heat
3878Phoenix Suns
3857Detroit Pistons
3845Chicago Bulls
3807Minnesota Timberwolves
3804Boston Celtics
3766New Orleans Pelicans
3766Cleveland Cavaliers
3752Toronto Raptors
3752Oklahoma City Thunder
3746Toronto Raptors
3731Toronto Raptors
3704Los Angeles Lakers
3665Detroit Pistons
3659Brooklyn Nets
3653Minnesota Timberwolves
3591New Orleans Pelicans
3566Golden State Warriors
3564Minnesota Timberwolves
3548Dallas Mavericks
3540Boston Celtics
3535Milwaukee Bucks
3470San Antonio Spurs
3438San Antonio Spurs
3422Chicago Bulls
3413Boston Celtics
3405Minnesota Timberwolves
3399Washington Wizards
3364Minnesota Timberwolves
3361Sacramento Kings
3334Indiana Pacers
3324Sacramento Kings
3313Toronto Raptors
3279New Orleans Pelicans
3278Toronto Raptors
3264Golden State Warriors
3251Washington Wizards
3244Atlanta Hawks
3236Denver Nuggets
3218Sacramento Kings
3209Memphis Grizzlies
3200Atlanta Hawks
3181Golden State Warriors
3171Golden State Warriors
3161Phoenix Suns
3133Los Angeles Lakers
3127Atlanta Hawks
3112Los Angeles Clippers
3106Indiana Pacers

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