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Forced Order
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The Constitutional Convention was held here
The Adams-Onis Treaty dealt with this state
The author of the large state plan came from here
The author of the small state plan came from here
Roger Sherman, author of the Great Compromise, represented this state
The United States annexed this area in 1845
Muscle Shoals is in this state
This state is known as the 'Sooner' state because of the land rush
The Mormons settled here to escape persecution
This was the last of the continental states admitted to the Union
This state was admitted as a free state in 1820
This state war originally called the Bear Flag Republic
This is the site of Tea Pot Dome
This colony was originally set up for debtors
This was the first state to secede at the start of the Civil War
Vicksburg is in this state
This was the first state admitted after the original 13
Lexington and Concord are located here
The Whiskey Rebellion took place here
Shays' Rebellion took place here
This was the site of the Haymarket Riot
This future state experienced a small civil war in 1856
The National Guard was called here to facilitate school integration in 1957
The Comstock Lode is in this state
This area separated from an existing state in 1863
The House of Burgesses was located in this state
The line implied in 'Fifty-four forty or fight' referred to the northern border of this state
The Portsmouth Treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War was signed here
John Brown's famous raid on Harper's Ferry was in this state
Fort Sumter is in this state
This colony passed an Act of Toleration in 1649
This state was the site of the Homestead Strike
This was the first colony to grant freedom of religion and separation of church and state
Most of the Gadsden Purchase is in this state
This state was the location of Wounded Knee
Seward's Folly referred to this area
This was the site of the attack on Pearl Harbor
The Battle of Gettysburg took place here
The Webster- Ashburton Treaty established the northern border of this state
The Tuskegee Institute was founded here
The Pottawatomie Massacre took place here
Robert LaFollette, Progressive governor of this state made it 'the laboratory of democracy' and a model for others interested in reform

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