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Famous ForName
Guiding Lewis & Clark
Wrote 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'
First Modern First Lady
Wrote 'Silent Spring'
First female Supreme Court justice
Former slave, abolitionist & women's rights
Active opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment
Outspoken feminist, Founder of Ms. Magazine
Banished from Boston for her religious views
Asked her husband to 'Remember the Ladies'
Advocate for asylum and prison reform
Labor organizer and speaker
Early birth control advocate
First woman in the Cabinet
Conductor of the Underground Railroad
Famous ForName
Violent anti-alcohol campaign using her hatchet
Flew across the Atlantic & Pacific
Refused to give up her seat on the bus
Helped Stanton organize women's rights convention
Wrote 'The Feminine Mystique'
Maine Representative who stood up to McCarthy
Anti-lynching activist
Founder of Hull House
First woman to run for president
Muckraker who opposed John Rockefeller
First female VP candidate for a major party
Anarchist activist who got deported
Founded the Shaker religion
First woman elected to Congress
First American woman in space

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