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A1st Constitution of the United States
BThe 2nd Amendment protects this right
CMembers of the Executive Branch appointed by the President and approved by the Senate
DThe 5th Amendment prohibits a person being tried twice for the same charge (Ashley Judd film)
EBody that elects the President and Vice President
FA stalling tactic used in the Senate
GPolitically biased remapping of a district
H'The privelege of the writ of __ __ shall not be suspended...'
IAbility of the House of Representatives to find someone guilty
JOriginal and Appellate are two forms of this in the court system
KThe Declaration of Independence was sent to this man
LPower that briefly allowed Bill Clinton to remove parts of a bill from a law, before it was judged unconstitutional
M'Father of the Constitution'
NNumber of Supreme Court Justices
OA check on the president that a two-thirds majority of Congress can do
PPassive presidential power that prevents a bill from becoming a law
QMinimum number of people present necessary to conduct business
RThe right to vote will not be denied based on '__, color, or previous condition of servitude'
SNext in line for the presidency after the V. President
TAttacking the U.S. or aiding an enemy of the U.S.
UWhen the Supreme Court strikes down a law, it is judged to be ___.
VPresidential power that prevents a bill from becoming a law
WThe 4th Amendment requires probable cause for this to be issued
XNumber of amendments in roman numerals
YAffirmative vote in the Senate
ZNumber of Presidents impeached and removed

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