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Can you name the events that happened on each day in September?

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Sept 1Germany invaded this country starting WWII (1939).
Sept 2In this naval battle Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra (31 BC).
Sept 3This nation was founded by a stonemason named Marinus (AD 301).
Sept 4This empire fell to Odoacer (AD 476).
Sept 5Palestinian terrorists held nine Israeli Olympians hostage in this city (1972).
Sept 6Elton John performed 'Candle in the Wind' at this person's funeral (1997).
Sept 7This US president signed a treaty turning over the Panama Canal to Panama (1977).
Sept 8The German siege of this Soviet city began (1941).
Sept 9This leader of the People's Republic of China died (1976).
Sept 10This man was elected council president of the Jamestown colony (1608).
Sept 11Airplane hijackings result in the collapse of this complex in New York City (2001).
Sept 12This man succeeded Stalin as first secretary (1953).
Sept 13The British won the battle on the Plains of Abraham, which was part of this war (1759).
Sept 14General Winfield Scott captured this city in the Mexican-American War (1847).
Sept 15U.S. forces landed at Inchon in this country (1950).
Sept 16This ship departed from Plymouth, England (1620).
Sept 17This U.S. document was signed (1787).
Sept 18This US soap opera has its final broadcast after a 72 year run (2009).
Sept 19Prussian forces begin a siege on this city during the Franco-Prussian War(1870).
Sept 20This 'circumnavigator' left Spain (1519).
Sept 21This precursor to the Lord of the Rings is published by J. R. R. Tolkien (1937).
Sept 22Iraq invaded this nation (1980).
Sept 23These two explorers return to St. Louis, Missouri (1806).
Sept 24This man arrived in Medina after fleeing Mecca (AD 622).
Sept 25This woman was sworn in, becoming the first woman on the Supreme Court (1981).
Sept 26This frontiersman died in Missouri (1820).
Sept 27Germany, Italy, Japan, and this nation signed a pact forming the axis powers (1940).
Sept 28This man invaded England (1066).
Sept 29This author of 'Don Quixote' was born (1547).
Sept 30This British Prime Minister signed a pact with Hitler (1938).

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