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Can you name the events that happened on each day in March?

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March 1This telegram/note was released to the U.S. public (1917).
March 2Texas declared its independence from this nation (1836).
March 3Anne Sullivan arrived in Alabama to teach this girl (1887).
March 4John Lennon claimed that the Beatles were more popular than this man (1966).
March 5This Soviet leader died (1953).
March 6The US Supreme Court made its decision on __ __ v Sanford, ruling that slaves were not US citizens (1857).
March 7This man patented the telephone (1876).
March 8The February Revolution took place in this nation (1917).
March 9The Monitor battled this ironclad in the U.S. Civil War (1862).
March 10This region rebelled against China (1959).
March 11General MacArthur was forced from this future nation by the Japanese, but vowed, 'I shall return' (1942).
March 12FDR gave his first of these radio addresses to the nation (1933).
March 13The US Senate began the impeachment trial of this man (1868).
March 14This German creator of the theory of relativity was born (1879).
March 15This man was assassinated on the Ides of March (44 BC).
March 16This massacre took place in Vietnam (1968).
March 17George W. Bush told this man to leave Iraq or the U.S. would attack (2003).
March 18This Soviet cosmonaut went on the first space walk (1965).
March 19General Fromm was executed for his involvement in a plot to kill this man (1945).
March 20This man returned to Paris to begin his 'Hundred Days' (1815).
March 21Henry Stanley began his search for this British explorer (1871).
March 22The British passed this act to tax the 13 Colonies for printed materials (1765).
March 23This Russian space station burned up after re-entering the earth's atmosphere (2001).
March 24The Exxon Valdez ran aground off the coast of this US state (1989).
March 25This nation abolished the slave trade within its empire due in part to the work of William Wilberforce (1807).
March 26This nation declared its independence from Pakistan (1971).
March 27This eventually headless man became king of England (1625).
March 28Britain and France declared war on Russia starting this conflict (1854).
March 29This couple was found guilty of giving nuclear secrets to the Soviets (1951).
March 30John Hinckley Jr. tried to assassinate this man (1981).
March 31Construction finished on this European structure (1889).

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