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Can you name the events that happened on each day in December?

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Dec 1This woman refused to move to the back of a bus (1955).
Dec 2This US foreign policy was introduced (1823).
Dec 3Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful human transplant of this organ (1967).
Dec 4Terry Anderson became the last US hostage released by terrorists within this country (1991).
Dec 5Columbus became the first European to land on this island (1492).
Dec 6This Ecuadorian city was founded by the Spanish (1534).
Dec 7The United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor by this nation (1941).
Dec 8This former Beatle was killed (1980).
Dec 9UN forces entered this country to aid starving civilians (1992).
Dec 10The Treaty of Paris was signed ending the conflict between the US and this nation (1898).
Dec 11This Russian president ordered troops into Chechnya (1994).
Dec 12The capital of India was moved from Calcutta to this city (1911).
Dec 13The Japanese began their massacre or 'rape' of this Chinese city (1937).
Dec 14The astronauts of this mission became the last to set foot on the moon (1972).
Dec 15This Nazi official was sentenced to death by an Israeli court (1961).
Dec 16This man became 'Lord Protector' of England (1653).
Dec 17This famed Liberator died in Colombia (1830).
Dec 18The 13th US Amendment went into effect ending this practice (1865).
Dec 19Three ships set out from England, later founding this English settlement in the Americas (1606).
Dec 20The US invaded this Central American country (1989).
Dec 21This general of Nero became Emperor of the Roman Empire (AD 69).
Dec 22Nicolae Ceaușescu, leader of this nation, fled by helicopter from protestors (1989).
Dec 23This Dutch artist cut off his ear (1888).
Dec 24This treaty was signed ending the War of 1812 (1814).
Dec 25According to tradition, this man was born (?)
Dec 26Marie and Pierre Curie announced that they isolated this element (1898).
Dec 27This Byzantine basillica was completed (AD 537).
Dec 28This man first observed Neptune (1612).
Dec 29This man was elected provisional president of China (1911).
Dec 30The Gadsden Purchase was made, in which this nation sold land to the US (1853).
Dec 31This building, once the tallest in the world, was opened (2004).

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