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Can you name the events that happened on each day in August?

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Aug 1This nation declared war on Russia in the opening of WWI (1914).
Aug 2Iraq invaded this nation leading to the First Gulf War (1990).
Aug 3Columbus set sail in command of these three ships (1492).*
Aug 4This young diarist and her family was arrested by the Gestapo (1944).
Aug 5This West African nation, once called Upper Volta, declared independence from France (1960).
Aug 6The US dropped an atom bomb on this Japanese city (1945).
Aug 7Theodore Roosevelt was nominated as the presidential candidate for this party (1912).
Aug 8This US president announced his resignation (1974).
Aug 9The Romans lost at Adrianople to this Germanic tribe (AD 378).
Aug 10This museum in Paris officially opened (1793).
Aug 11During a microphone test this man joked that Russia was outlawed and would be bombed in 5 minutes (1984).
Aug 12Construction on this European structure began (1961).
Aug 13Cortés captured this Aztec capital (1521).
Aug 14Workers in Gdańsk went on strike in this country (1980).
Aug 15This waterway opened for business (1914).
Aug 16Gold was discovered in this modern Canadian Territory (1896).
Aug 17This liberator of South America and hero of Argentina died (1850).
Aug 18This Mongol leader died (1227).
Aug 19A coup in this country reinstated the Shah as ruler (1953).
Aug 20This exiled Russian was attacked with an ice axe in Mexico (1940).
Aug 21This painting was discovered to be stolen (1911).
Aug 22This Irish revolutionary and Sinn Féin politician was assassinated (1922).
Aug 23Nazi Germany signed a non-aggression pact with this nation (1939).
Aug 24This volcano erupted destroying Pompeii (AD 79).
Aug 25The Council of Nicaea, requested by this Roman emperor, established the doctrine of the trinity (AD 325).
Aug 26This leader of the Free French Forces entered a liberated Paris (1944).
Aug 27Krakatoa erupted in this modern nation killing at least 35,000 people (1883).
Aug 28This man delivered his 'I Have a Dream' speech (1963).
Aug 29Pizarro had the last emperor of this civilization strangled (1533).
Aug 30This Egyptian ruler committed suicide (30 BC).
Aug 31This London serial killer claimed his first victim (1888).

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