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Can you name the various weird facts in world history?

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Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson had a number of eccentricities. One of them was his refusal to eat pepper because it made his left leg...
Queen Christina of Sweden had a phobia of fleas. She had a miniture __________ created so she could kill them
According to legend, in order to convince King John not to build the king’s highway through their village, all the people of Gotham, England pretended to be...
Julius Caesar was once captured by pirates. When the pirates announced the ransom for his release, he was insulted by the amount because it was...
In 1919, 21 Boston residents were killed when a large wave of ___________ swept through the streets
The words to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” were written by Jack Norworth, despite the fact that he had never seen...
Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell could never call his wife or mother because they were both...
In order to Westernize his country, Peter the Great of Russia enforced a tax on men who grew...
Roman Emperor Caligula was thought to be insane. Rumors of his condition were fueled when he attempted to promote his ________ to the Senate
Besides inspiring the Teddy Bear, Theodore Roosevelt inadvertently came up this famous Maxwell House coffee slogan.

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