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A complex society known particularly for the massive colossal heads hewn from basalt1200--400 B.C.E.
The first metal coins in the world600 BCE
Siddhartha Gautama took on this title when he founded his philosophy600-400 BCE
Contains hymns attributed to Zarathustra himself, which provide our best guide his original thoughtA book probably dating back to circa 1000 BCE and the first recorded in writing around 600 CE,
Founder of the Achaemenid dynasty in Iran.558-530 BCE
The term for the main tenets of the thought of Confucius, which emphasized the role of ritual in bringing out people's inner humanity551-479 B.C.E
The founder of Confucianism, a teacher who made his living by tutoring students. Known only through 'The Analects,'551-479 B.C.E.
The third Achaemenid ruler, who succeeded to the throne by coup,522-486 BCE
A Greek-speaking historian born in the Halicarnassus. Author of 'The Histories,' an investigation of the history, folklore, geography, plants, and customs of the known world. Known485-425 BCE
Greek philosopher who encouraged his students to observe the natural world and explain logically how they proceeded from their starting assumptions.384-322 BCE
A dynasty that unified much of the Indian subcontinent. Relying on trunk roads, it exercised more control in the cities than in the countryside320-185 B.C.E.
A term, sometimes translated as 'subcaste,' for groups of 5,000 to 15,000 people in modern IndiaThink social class!
A Chinese belief system that emphasized the 'Way.' a concept expressed in Chinese as 'dao.'300 BCE
A Sanskrit word that literally means 'extinction,' as when the flame on a candle goes out. In Buddhism the term took on broader meaning: those who followed the Eightfold Path and u'Smells Like Teen Spirit'
Third king of the Mauryan dynasty, first Indian ruler to support Buddhism300 BCE
Definition TermHint
A Sanskrit term meaning correct conduct according to law or customBuddhists, including Ashoka, used this!
First dynasty to rule over a unified China221--207 BCE
The author of 'Records of the Grand Historian,' a history of China from ancient legendary timesFirst century BCE
States whose rulers sponsored religious observances and construction of religious edifices in the hope that their subjects would willingly acknowledged them as rulersThink Ashoka
A historian and the author of 'Lessons for Women,' a book that counseled women to serve men and advocated education for girls starting at the age of 845-120 C.E.
Overland routes through Central Asia connecting China and India, as well as the sea routes around Southeast Asia, along which were transmitted teachings, technologies, and languageTrade route established around 200 CE
The immediate successor to the Qin dynasty; adopted the Qin blueprint for empire and ruled for a LOOOONG time!206 BCE--220 CE
The largest city in AmericasOccupied from around 200 BCE--650 CE
The king of Copan during the classic period of the Maya 250-910 C.E
Temple based religion in India; involved public and private worship300--700 CE
Indian dynasty based in north India; emulated the earlier Mauryan dynasty.320-600 CE
Powerful family in Japan that ruled in conjunction with the Yamato Clan; introduced Buddhism587-645 CE
A monk who traveled to Central Asia and India to obtain original Buddhist texts596-664 CE
Dynasty that represented a political and cultural high point in Chinese history.618-907 CE
Korean kingdom that adopted Buddhism and united with the Tang dynasty; unified KoreaUnfied Korea in 668 CE

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