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Can you name all of the the Destiny Standard Enemies?

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HintAnswerExtra hint (4 noobs)
FallenWeaklings. Think Scrambled [Alien] Egg
FallenYour average soldier
FallenLeader of the pack
Fallen...WORSHIP ME...
FallenRobotic rat
FallenQuickscoping robotic rat
FallenTerrorist robotic rat
FallenDamager robotic rat
FallenReplay robotic shank
HiveWants to eat you
HiveLikes to blow itself up
HiveThe zombies got an upgrade
HiveFor honour!
HiveYou're a ______ Harry!
HiveIts name includes onomatopoeia, yet it has no mouth.
VexDobby is free! (lol no - atheon)
VexOne-hitting these fags feels so good. Think last answer + popular British biscuit
VexSadly they're a lot more common than those found in labyrinths
VexDoesn't regenerate heads but it does explode on death
VexTri-winged flying drones
Cabal10 year old space turtle
CabalF*cking hell I hate these guys. Even worse when they become one of Oryx's army.
HintAnswerExtra hint (4 noobs)
CabalShielded space turtles that took a holiday to the Dreadnaught (seriously there are too many on the Dreadnaught)
CabalWarlock + Energy Drain + This enemy = satisfaction
CabalTankiest space turtle known to man
OtherReskinned and buffed enemies
Other (kinda)This one is going to trip you up for sure
Buffed FallenOlder than yo mama (ohhhhhh)
Buffed HiveAin't no mountain high enough!
Buffed HiveI'll have you, and you, and you...
Buffed VexX and Y (for the Coldplay fans)
Buffed VexShields are basically indestructible
Buffed VexJesus had these guys. Also there's a sh*tton of these in the Blood In The Garden mission
Buffed CabalBombing raids just became space turtles
Buffed OtherMmmmm... Delicious
Exclusive Yellow-Barred VexA yellow barred Vex first seen in the main story
Destiny Meme This fallen enemy was so popular and so accidently overpowered he was given a name.
Super Buffed FallenCan't think of a pun for this one.
Super Buffed Fallen (exclusive to one fallen enemy)Ain't no mountain ____ enough!
Super Buffed HiveDo you want to play a game?
Super Buffed VexThis has definitely been passed down through generations
Super Buffed VexBefore what you click with
Super Buffed CabalStar Wars confirmed
Super Buffed OtherSee Hive

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