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LostEpic tale of Greek creation myths and the war between the gods, titans, and giants.
LostMuch like a famous tragedy of the same name, it dealt with an unfortunate king of Thebes and his... mother. It does not end well.
LostTells the story of the Seven Against Thebes and their hopeless siege of the city. Culminates in a fratricidal battle.
LostThis one describes the ultimate destruction of Thebes by the children of the Seven.
LostTells all of the events leading up to the Trojan war, starting with the Apple of Discord and stopping just before the events of...
Complete... this epic, one of the two still existing and Homer's famous tale of Achilles' wrath.
LostThis epic tells of Achilles' fight with Penthesileia and Memnon, and his death at the hands of Paris.
LostOdysseus wins Achilles armor, Diomedes finds Philoctetes, Odysseus finds Neoptolemus, and then together they steal the Palladium. The Trojan Horse also makes its first appearance.
LostThe greatest Achaean warriors sneak into Troy using the Trojan Horse, and let in the main Greek army. Various murders, rapes, pillaging and human sacrifices follow as they raze the city.
LostDescribes the voyages home of all the Greek heroes, except for...
Complete...Odysseus, who gets his own book. Possibly the most famous piece of literature in existance, this is Homer's great tale of Odysseus' many adventures as he tries to get back to Ithaka and Penelope.
LostBut even when he gets home, Odysseus is not done! Soon after docking, he decides to sail again, travelling to Thesprotia and marrying its queen. He eventually leaves Thesprotia to his now-adult son by the queen. Odysseus' son by Circe, Telegonus, then shows up in Ithaka and, not knowing that Odysseus is his dad, commits patricide. All is set right (?) when Circe marries Telemachus and Penelope marries Telegonus.

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