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Can you name the Famous Romans given the first letter of their (commonly used) name?

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AName taken by Octavius after accepting imperial powers
BFounder of the Republic
CFourth Julio-Claudian emperor; said to have had a limp and stutter
DDivided the Empire into quarters and split administration between two sets of Augusti and Caesares. Retired, instead of being murdered in office as was the custom at that time
EDepraved, pubescent Emperor who was also the priest of a Syrian Sun-God
FNickname of the dictator Sulla
GHe came, saw, and conquered his way across Gaul, Italy, and Egypt before being murdered on March 15th
HProlific poet of the Golden Age. Carpe diem!
I/JSatirist from the Golden Age
LRoman historian and author of the Ab Urbe Condita
MNephew and heir of Octavian until his sudden death. Commemorated in a passage of the Aeneid
NOriginally named Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. Generally loathed
OEmperor famous for the brevity of his reign: he ruled for 3 months during the 'Year of Four Emperors'
PA third of the first Triumvirate: conqueror of the east, who was murdered in Egypt
QGeneral who lost three legions in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
RFratricidal founder of Rome and its first king
SYoung general who defeated Hannibal Barca at Zama, winning the Second Punic war for Rome
TSecond Flavian emperor. He sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple
VEpic poet who wrote the Aeneid
ZEmperor of the East when the Western Empire collapsed

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