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___ is the minimum of stimulus energy needed to activate a sensory sytem
when a stimulus is perceived but below the threshold of consciousness
the minimum difference between 2 stimuli that allow a person to notice the difference
____ states that there is a constant ratio between the change in difference needed to produce a just noticeable difference
the white of the eye is also known as the ____
this part of the eye contains the actual phtotreceptors
the _____ focuses and gathers light
the dilator pupiillae and constrictor pupillae make up the ___
the____ produced the aqueous humor for the eye and the ____ drains the humor
when the ___ muscle contracts is pulls on the ____ and changes the shape of the lens
_____ is a transparent gel that lies behind the lens and supports the retina
_____ is behind the iris and controls the refraction of light
used for color vision and fine detail
short (s) cones see
medium (m) cones see
long (l) cones see
rods are more functional and more plentiful. They permit night vision and contain _____
the center of the retina is called the _____ and contain a high concentration of cones
the center of the macula is known as the _____ and is made entirely of cones
rods and cones connect directly to ____
bipolar cells synapse with___ and group together to form the _____
these 2 types of cells are important for edge detection and perception of contrast
the eye's right visual field would project on the ___ half of the retina
___ cells have a very high spatial resolutions and detect shape
___ cells have high temporal resolution and detect motion
____ separates that outer ear from the middle ear
the ___ are the smallest bones in the bosy and transmit vibrations from the tympanic membrane to the inner ear
the order in which ossicles are affected
the middle layer (scala) of the cochlea is called the ___ and is composed of thousands of hair cells bathed in endolympg
the ____ is composed of the utricle and saccule
the uticle and saccule are covered in modified hair cells called ____ that oppose the direction of motion and therefore allow us to feel acceleration
____ sense rotational movement through the movement of endolymph
sound travles from the vestibulocochlear nerve, to the brainstem, to this portion of the thalamus
chemorecpetors are involved in which 2 senses?
5 basic tastes
repond to deep pressure and vibration
respond to light touch
respond to deep pressure and texture
respond to stretch
respond to pain and temp
minimum distance necessary for two points to be felt as distinct stimuli
the normal temperature of the skin
proposes that a special gating system is turned on or off determining if we feel pain
the ability to tell where your body is in space
says that items close to each other tend to be perceived as 1 unit
says that objects that are similar tend to be grouped together
says that elements that seem to follow a pathway tend to be grouped together
says that because of contours we perceive shapes that are not acutally preset
says that even with gaps, we perceive things s closed figures

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