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afferent neurons are
efferent neurons are
what are the most numerous neurons?
interneurons are most closely linked to what behavior?
the thalamus is responsible for______
the cerebellum is responsible for______
the inferior and superior colliculi are responsible for______
the medulla oblongata is responsible for______
the cerebral cortex is responsible for______
the basal ganglia is responsible for______
reticular formation
the hypothalamus is responsible for______
the limbic system is responsible for______
the myelencephalon becomes the
the metelencephalon become the
this part of the brain is responsible for sending messages between the cortex and medulla
this forms the cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and limbic system
this forms that thalamus, hypothalamus, posterior pituitary and pineal gland
the lateral hypothalamus is responsible for
the ventromedial hypothalamus is responsible for providing signals to
the ________ controls sex drive, body temperature and sleep
the _______ are considered a primary pleasure center in the brain
the hippocampus is responsible for
this condition is characterized by the inabillity to form new memories
the primary cortex is on the
the area of the brain that promotes speech
Broca's area is found in which lobe?
the somatosensory cortex is loacted on the_____
this lobe is associated with spatial processing and manipulation
this occipital lobe contain the _________(striate) cortex
the _________ cortex is found in the temporal lobe
the term to describe how the brain communicates with the opposite side of the body
the term to describe how the brain communicates with the same side of the body
language logic and math processes would occur in the _____________ hemisphere
face recognition, music, emotion and direction would be part of the ___ hemisphere
which neurotransmitter is associated with voluntary movement?
epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine are all____
although epinephrine and norepinephrine are both involved in fight-or-flight response ________ acts at a local level and ______ acts systemically
this neurotransmitter is related to movement and posture
too much of this NT is thought to cause mania, while too little contributes to depression
this transmitter is inhibitory and is thought to play a role in stabilizing neural activitty
this connects the hypothalamus and pituitary glans
why babies turn their head when someone touches their face
why babies react to abrupt movement by flinging arms out and slowly retracting them
why babies' big toes extend and the others fan out when the soles of their feet are touched
why infants grab things that touch their hands
______ is defined as the transduction of physical information to signals in the nervous system
______ is the processing of information to make sense of its significance

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