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___ is the process of classifying new information into an existing schema
___ is the process of modifying existing schemas to incorporate new information
Paiget's stage that exists from 0-2 y.o. Children learn to manipulate their environments to meet their needs and lack object permanace
Piaget's stage that occurs between 2-7 yo and is marked by egocentrism, symbolic thinking, and centration
the tendency to focus on only one aspect of a phenomenon
the inability to imagine what others might feel
Piaget's stage that occurs around 7-11 y.o in which they understand conservation, consider the perspectives of others, and are able to think logically with concrete objects
Paiget's stage that occurs after the age of 11 in which one can think logically about abstract ideas
intelligence that consists of probelm-solving skills
intelligence that consists of learned skills and knowledge
inability to consider how to use an object in a non-traditional manner
____ is used when base decisions on how easily similar instances can be imagined
___ is used by categorizing items based on whether or no they fit the stereotypical image
using stereotypical information while ignoring numerical information
tendency to focus on information that fits one's beliefs
linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, visual-spatial,. body-kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal are all aspects in Gardner's theory of ____
___ waves occur when a person is alert and neurons are randomly firing
____ waves occur when a person is awake and relaxing, they are slower and more synchronized
____ waves are irregular with slow frequencies and high voltage. They are seen during stage 1 and 2 sleep
in addition to theta waves, stage 2 sleep also shows
____ waves are seen in stage 3 and 4 sleep and have very low frequencies with high voltage
(sws)associated with cognitive memory and memory consolidation
which stages are associated with non REM sleep
this theory states that dreams are caused by widespread, random activation of the neural circuit
this theory states that dreams mirror the way we think during the day
these are conditions that make it hard to go to sleep, stay asleep, of avoid sleeping in inapproppriate situations
this category of sleep disorders involve abnormal movement or behaviors during sleep
meditation resembles stage ____ sleep with _____ waves
alcoholism can lead to this brain disorder that is recognized by severe memory impairment with loss of motor skills
these substances increase release of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine (and decrease reuptake) and effects include euphoria and delusions off grandeur
this substance decreases reuptake of the catecholines
this substance is a hallucinogen combined with an amphetamine and is classified by a feeling of alertness and euphoria
drug addiction is highly related to the ____ pathway
___ refers to the sound of a language
____ refers to the structure of words
___ refers to how word are put together to form sentences
___ says that the interpretation of language depends on context and pre-existing knowledge
___ refers to the meaning associated with different words
this theory states that humans have an innate ability to produce language
the language theory (also known as behaviorist) suggests that language is learned because parents reward certain sounds
the Whorfian hypothesis or linguistic relativity hypothesis says that the way we think about the world is determined by our ____
this connects Broca's area and Wernicke's area

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