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Given the answer to one of seven categories (Song Title, English Title, Sin, Vocaloid, Character, Vessel, or Colour), fill in the remaining categories relating to mothy's Seven Deadly Sins series of songs.

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Hint: CategoryAnswer
Gula (Gluttony: Colour
Purple: Character
Daughter of Evil: English Title
Kayo Sudou: Song Title
Kayo Sudou: Vocaloid
Clockwork Doll: English Title
Purple: Vessel
Daughter of Evil: Colour
Satan's Revenge: Colour
Clockwork Doll: Character
Satan's Revenge: Song Title
Satan's Revenge: Character
KAITO: Vessel
Daughter of Evil: Character
KAITO: Colour
Daughter of Evil: Vocaloid
Purple: Vocaloid
Gula (Gluttony: English Title
Kayo Sudou: Vessel
Purple: English Title
Hint: CategoryAnswer
KAITO: English Title
Satan's Revenge: Vocaloid
KAITO: Song Title
Gula (Gluttony: Vocaloid
Clockwork Doll: Song Title
Kayo Sudou: Colour
Clockwork Doll: Sin
KAITO: Character
Kayo Sudou: Sin
Daughter of Evil: Sin
Purple: Sin
Gula (Gluttony: Character
Purple: Song Title
Satan's Revenge: Sin
Daughter of Evil: Vessel
Clockwork Doll: Colour
Kayo Sudou: English Title
Gula (Gluttony: Vessel
Gula (Gluttony): Song Title
Clockwork Doll: Vocaloid

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