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Forced Order
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Number of RepresentativesStateParty Breakdown
53, and they're only waiters until their agent gets them a real gig34 D, 19 R
32, unless they secede12 D, 20 R
29, they can see the governor, he can't say the same27 D, 2 R
25, which is 1/4 the average age in the state10 D, 15 R
19, not as corrupt as governor12 D, 7 R
19, the state of Brotherly Congressman12 D, 7 R
18, none will ever be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame10 D, 8 R
15, and they're all better athletes than the Lions8 D, 7 R
13, ironically, they all hate peaches6 D, 7 R
13, who are happy to leave8 D, 5 R
13, all tarheels8 D, 5 R
11, probably somehow related to a President6 D, 5 R
10, who pahk their cahs in Capitol yahd10 D
9, proving that there's more than just corn here5 D, 4 R
9, who love company4 D, 5, R
9, all live in Dollywood5 D, 4 R
9, Booker T, Denzel, etc.6 D, 3 R
8, but it's a dry 85 D, 3 R
8, whose manly deeds are backed by womanly words7 D, 1 R
8, have only seen 9,999 lakes5 D, 3 R
8, and they're all cheeseheads5 D, 3 R
7, and they're each other's Cousin/Sister/Uncles3 D, 4 R
7, mile-highers5 D, 2 R
7, I bet they all eat gumbo and listen to jazz1 D, 6 R
6, swing and a miss2 D, 4 R
6, none have Argentinian lovers2 D, 4 R
5, what a nutmegger5 D
5, Des Moines-ing their own business3 D, 2 R
Number of RepresentativesStateParty Breakdown
5, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!!1 D, 4 R
5, I hope they don't die of dysentary4 D, 1 R
4, all pronounce their name differently than it's spelled3 D, 1 R
4, who think there's no place like home1 D, 3 R
4, can you spell that with no I?3 D, 1 R
3, and even they're bored of it3 R
3, taking a gamble in Congress2 D, 1 R
3, who didn't know there was an old one3 D
3, probably the same guy's 3 wives1 D, 2 R
3, and they're not east of the state with 112 D, 1 R
2, and they have to travel a long way2 D
2, both rather spudsie1 D, 1 R
2, both probably know Stephen King2 D
2, who live free or die2 D
2, with very little area2 D
1, that can see Russia from his houseR
1, the first 1R
1, when he's gone there's only 6 people left in the stateR
1, who gets his strength from the soilD
1, and it's not Crazy HorseR
1, and it's neither Ben nor JerryD
1, he's probably old and faithfulR
1, and it's not Russell HantzDemocrat, non voting
1, and she hates ColbertDemocrat, non voting
1, and she's not a Cha-moronDemocrat, non voting
1, unoDemocrat, non voting
1, the purest of them allDemocrat, non voting
1, and I don't have a joke for this oneIndependent, non voting

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