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2nd longest riverNile
2nd largest country by areaRussia
2nd person in spaceYuri Gagarin
2nd most popular websiteGoogle
2nd largest lakeCaspian Sea
2nd most popular tourist destinationFrance
2nd highest mountainMount Everest
2nd most common cause of deathRespiratory Infection
2nd most populous nationChina
2nd most spoken languageMandarin Chinese
2nd most abundant element in the universeHydrogen
2nd most used letter in the English languageE
2nd smallest country in the worldVatican City
2nd largest desert*Sahara
2nd largest land animalElephant
HintAnswerWhat's First?
2nd best selling album of all timeThriller
2nd most World Series championshipsNew York Yankees
2nd most abundant element in the Earth's crustOxygen
2nd city to by destroyed by nuclear warfareHiroshima
2nd best selling book of all timeThe Bible
2nd smallest US stateRhode Island
2nd most consecutive MLB games playedCal Ripken, Jr.
2nd PopeSaint Peter
2nd most common world religionChristianity
2nd largest planetJupiter
2nd largest bone in the human bodyFemur
2nd man on the moonNeil Armstrong
2nd to last book of the BibleRevelation
2nd largest seaArabian
2nd tallest building in the worldBurj Khalifa (Burj Dubai)

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