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First Pokemon to have its own unique battle theme?
First Shiny Pokemon to be released in the main story of a Pokemon game?
Pokemon known as the 'bringer of plentiful harvests' for being able to summon rainstorms?
Pokemon before Pikachu originally intended to be the mascot of Pokemon and Ash's main companion in the anime?
Pokemon first created?
Favorite Pokemon of Miror B?
The only Legendary Pokemon that can be encountered in the wild at Level 1?
First Generation II Pokemon shown in the first generation of the anime?
Marill's unofficial name dubbed by fans before the release of Gold and Silver?
First Pokemon to have multiple forms?
Only Pokemon (as of Gen VII) to have a number in its name?
Only Pokemon to have ♂ or ♀ in it's name?
This Generation I Pokemon caused controversy causing a recoloring of its sprite?
Uri Geller sued copyright claims against Nintendo for this Pokemon?
The Burger King Pokeball toys that were recalled due to chocking hazards were promoting a Pokemon movie about this Pokemon?
Pokemon based off of the Yamata no Orochi as well as parts of the Lernaean Hydra?
The only cross-generational evolutionary relative introduced in Generation VI?
Representing antimatter and some fans dubbing it the Pokemon version of Satan?
Only Pokemon besides Ditto that can learn Transform by leveling up?
Only Pokemon that can learn every move?
Only Pokemon that always has 1 HP?
Pokemon known as 'The Original One?'
The only permanent pure Flying Type?
The only Pokemon whose Regional and National Pokedex numbers are the same?

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