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Dorothy in 1939's The Wizard of Oz
Michigan's Motor City
Dracula's home country
Florida's favorite giant reptile
Tubular Pasta
Indigenous Arctic People
Colloquialism for the result of In Vitro Fertilization
2000 single from Coldplay
Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer star in this fantasy flick
An occasion to '...do as the Romans do.'
Third Planet from the Sun
Zeus' wife
Turkey continues to deny the genocide of these people
Critically acclaimed 1972 Sci-Fi film
Often mocked personal transportation device
Famous cellist
Credited with inventing the telephone
Tolkien's trilogy
The main ingredient for common glass
The longest running sci-fi tv series
Latin title for a play that inspired a Freudian complex
An unreasonable fear of foreigners
Mythical lost city
What you get when you use a medical ultrasound
Peanut butter candy that shares its name with a slang term for marijuana
A metaphor for when everyone ignores what is obviously there.
'If you prick us, do we not bleed?' source
Darwin's theory
A prefix that means very small or 1 billionth
'Jumbo Shrimp' and 'Living Dead' are examples of one of these
How many Muses?
Considered inventor of the Detective Fiction Genre
A fancy way of saying 'very bad'
According to legends, this amphibian is closely associated with fire
This Hitchcock film takes place in real time and appears as a continuous shot
When a person is this, they believe they have talent and intelligence beyond what is actually there
A device used to weave cloth
AKA 'quicksilver'
To sing an extended note while varying pitch
Country bordered by Belgium, France and Germany
Where Louis XVI met his end
Guava is this to the Arctic, Caribou is this to the Tropics
2009 stop motion film based on a Neil Gaiman novel
Latin 'therefore'
'Buzz', 'Baa' and 'Zoom' are examples of this
This diarist was killed at the age of 15
An irresistible compulsion to steal
A person who cannot be strictly classified as male or female would be called this
In 1965, The Rolling Stones apparently found it impossible to get this
Favoritism and promotion of relatives regardless of merit

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