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Can you name the Halo Characters from 2000-2014

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Love interest of the founder of the Spartan Project
Blew up Installation 04 with the Pillar of Autumn
AI of main character
Kidnapped six year old's for Spartan Project
Prophet was killed by Master Chief
Prophet was killed by an infection form
Killed at the end of Halo 3
Leader of the flood
Punished by The Covenant for the destruction of Installation 04
Sacrificed himself in Halo Wars
The Black Guy
Hunting for someone in Halo 5
Leader of ODST group
First and only member of Blue team to die
ODST squad leader
Halo 4 antaganist
Monitor of Installation 04
Elite missing two of his mandibles
Captain of the Spirit of Fire
Scientist aboard Spirit of Fire
Blue Team Sniper
ODST Heavy Weapons Specialist
ODST you play as
Character you play as in Halo: Reach
Noble leader
Noble second in command
ODST marksman
ODST pilot and demolitions expert
Male Blue team member
Noble marksman
Noble teams Spartan II
Other Female Blue Team member
Noble Teams shotgun lover
Highest Ranking member of UNSC
Captain of UNSC Infinty
Captain of the Pillar of Autumns daughter
Brute leader from Halo 2
AI from Halo: ODST
AI from Halo: Reach
Halo 4 antaganists wife
Covenant terrorist leader
Ex-Captain of the UNSC Infinity
Spartan who gets captured in Halo 4 Spartan Ops
Says 'Egg Heads'. Main Spartan Assualt character
UNSC Infinity AI
AI belonging to ONI
Elite ordered to be killed by the Prophets in Halo 2
Green Team Leader
Monitor of Instillation 05
You see his home movie in Halo: CE

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