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Can you name whether the Fairy Tail fact is (T)rue or (F)alse? Knowledge from the Manga may be needed

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All members of the origional Crime Sorcière have 6 letters
Jura loves pea's
Mavis was supposed to be a boy
Fairy Tail is planning to have a happy ending
Ultear, Merudy and Juvia are voiced by the same person
Jellal said 'I love you' to Erza
Gray smokes
Every arc, Jet and Droy change clothes
Lucy was supposed to be a dragon slayer
Juvia likes rock music
Wendy was supposed to be a Water Dragon Slayer
Natsu and Lucy, Gajeel and Levy and Mavis and Zeref all kiss
Happy's name was going to be Faith
Mashima forgot why Gray is called Gray
Zeref is known as an ugly demon
Makarov was supposed to die

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