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Worn by children to protect clothing from food.
To float on surface on water.
A word used to express happiness or delight
First women in the bible.
You find one in the middle of a mango.
A women related to you.
An action that is performed intentionally or unintentionally.
Another word for Midday.
Having the same height as something else.
A belief or principle.
A music note with 2 beats.
A type of Hawaiian crow.
Traditional Japanese sunken fireplace.
To water a plant.
A metal ring with a harness.
To live in a den.
A place in Tokyo, starts with 'A'.
Something that rotates.
Something that restores.
Ancient people who lived in France.
Language of South India.
A love of Palindromes.
The fear of Palindromes.
Name of giraffe Pokémon.
Name of a normal, Gen 1 fox Pokémon.

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