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Fairy Tail manga is written by
and is published by
The Anime is directed by
and is written by
Earthland is said to have around how many people?
How old is Natsu Dragneel?
What is the first opening called?
How much was Plue's key originally?
How many monsters did Erza fight?
How long was Team Tenrou on Tenrou for?
What is the name of the armor Erza is first seen wearing?
How many episodes is the first season?
Who is the girl founder of Fairy Tail?
Who is her friend (not other members of Fairy Tail)
Who taught Mavis her magic?
What used to be in Magnolia?
What does Fiore mean in French?
Which key did Grammi use to have?
What guild helped name Lucy?
Who is Makarov's edolas counterpart?
Who is the Japanese voice actor of Natsu?
What does the evil spirit king turn people into?
What will happen if Zeref dies?
What does E.N.D stand for?
How old was Layla when she died?
What episode was the 24 hour Endurance Race?
What is the name of Erik's snake?
What is the chapter 468's English Translation?
What episode does Azuma debut?
What does Frosch mean in German?

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