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Can you name the Fairy Tail couples?

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'I will make you big'
'Of course I'm not worried about you!'
'Hurting my owner, (*name*)... Is something I cannot forgive'
'I remember now... It was the colour of your hair...'
'You're our only hope...(*name*)'
'Don't cry (*name*), save the tears for when we win!'
'This is for (*name*)!'
'(*name*)-Nee fly out of hear with Carla!'
'It's okay... You can touch them' 'They feel... Warm'
'Maybe someday I'll be your real wife'
'This sensation... The premonition of a romantic rival?'
DialogShip nameShip it?
'If you have love in your life you must keep on living!'
'There's nothing more important than our girls future'
'I have a date with (*name*)'
'(*name*) is our nakama. I won't hand her over even if I die!'
'We want you back... I guess that's kinda how it is if we go with the flow'
'If you do those things to poor, little (*name*) again, I won't forgive you'
'(*name*) belongs to Fairy Tail, I won't hand her over to you!'
'I'll make (*name*) see who the true man for her is!'
'You can cry now. It's okay'
'(*name*) must be in Fairy Tail, so she would no longer shed any tears'

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